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Weight loss foods to add to your diet!

Ever wonder why all the hard work is not delivering the results you expect?

Your diet might be the part your leaving to chance.

Here are 6 super foods that can help with slimming down & shaping up more, making your overall Health & Fitness Goals  more attainable.

1- *Almonds                                                                        
Of course Almonds are a great source of protein that helps with muscle growth.
Combats Obesity,heart Disease,Cancer and High Blood pressure.

Excellent source of protein that helps burn fats and aids in digestion.
Combats Colon Cancer.

3-*Dairy Products like Yogurt, Cheese,  Fat-Free Or Low-Fat Milk
Eating yogurt as part of an overall balanced diet can assist with lower calorie intake.
Combats Osteoporosis and keeps bone structures strong especially preparing for old age.

4-*Turkey and other Lean  Meats
Yes Protein, protein protein! High intake of lean meats build and rebuild muscles especially after a work out and helps strengthen the immune system.
Prepping meals can be a task within itself if your not sure how to prepare and combine your meals.  You can get all sorts of seasoning blends & recipes that are  low in sodium on Amazon that’s all natural, NON-GMO  and gluten free that’s very good to cook with and excellent for weight loss and lowering your blood pressure.

5-*Whole-Grain Breads or Cereals
Prevents the body from storing fat. Great Colon scraper.
Combats Obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.

6-*Olive Oil         

This wonder oil……   
Boosts your immune system & Lowers your cholesterol levels necessary for optimal health.
Combats Obesity, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure and more…..

Add these to your diet and experience subtle changes in your over all health. You’ll seem to have more energy through out the day. Your skin will begin to look better as well and friends will notice the changes in you long before you do. Keep an eye on your diet in addition to your general exercise or fitness regimen and increase your chances of longevity.


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