5-Whats your body shape? Take a peek. Get your customized exercise plan and more………

An old friend once told me there’s only one reason for changing anything for yourself or about yourself and that is because it no longer makes an accurate statement of who you are.
I didn’t particularly like what body type I learned I was so I worked on it. I mean,
as genetically as possible, I worked on my body composition. I haven’t become a Vin Diesel but I have shaped up a little to my desired liking. 

Following a program like this You never, EVER have to worry about waking up looking like a freaky bodybuilder or anything like that………………………. that just doesn’t happen on F4X. You stop when you have the body YOU want, and then you maintain it using an even easier Protocol.

I know, this sounds so incredibly simple… and it is. You see, you might be confused when it comes to what to do these days in order to lose weight and shape up.

There are so many super-complicated diets and fitness plans out there; it’s enough to confuse anyone! And it’s not your fault. So many magazines, especially the “chick mags”, print the most confusing, and downright STUPID diet plans and exercise routines we’ve ever seen! It’s no wonder the nation is growing fatter by the year, and people are dropping dead of heart attacks at shockingly young ages.

Our motto is: Make It Simple, Yet Make It Challenging.

Everything you need to know About the F4X Method has been
condensed into a simple-to-use handbook:

So, let’s go over a few key points here;

  • The fastest way to shape your body—lose weight, tone and firm up, and develop age-defying strength, is to use resistance training. NOT cardio…NOT running…and NOT by starving yourself…
  • The mistake you absolute MUST AVOID is to use an exercise system that forces you to start working out more than 90 minutes per week, especially if you’re just getting started. Long workouts age you FASTER!
  • The solution is found in an Old School-style of fitness…one that does not demand extra cardio (you get your cardio DURING these super-short sessions)…and one that takes only 90 minutes a week.
  • The results have been proven throughout the decades…and now, YOU can have the “Handbook” version of this exact System that we’ve had the good fortune to stumble across!

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